Lokaya Wellness

Yoga & Movement | Massage Therapy | Energy & Breathwork

Thank you for being here.

We are here to connect with, care for, & better understand the self so that we may live from the heart & enjoy life to the fullest.

Our experiences are not meant to be the same, they’re meant to show us where we’re different. To embrace, get to know, and unconditionally love our truth. With this online space, and all of my in-person offerings, I intentionally create safe space for all to show up in their humanness. I welcome you here, and trust you will find what you’re looking for.

My Mission…

I want to live in a body & world of harmony. And if you’ve found yourself here, I’m certain you do too.

What I Offer

Online & In-Person Offerings

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Massage Therapy 

A loving gift to the physical body. Invoking a response from the parasympathetic nervous system, therapeutic & relaxation massage therapy are abundant in benefits.


A sequence of gentle breathing patterns to open up your respiratory channels and let the medicine of the breath work through your body. Followed by reiki.



A loving blend of massage & reiki to break up physical tension and prepare the body for deep rest. 

About Lauren

Lauren is a light hearted being who weaves love into all things. There is a heart felt + open nature to all that she offers; movement + yogic practices, bodywork, energetic healing — all of which intentionally works in alignment with the cycles of earth & the breath. Her nurturing presence creates clear safe space that invites you into the now + to drop more fully into your experience. Lauren lives in connection with nature + her spirit + the virtue of the breath + yoga.